Ancestral Gardiens were the first line of protectors created by Adam through the Mother unit. They were used to protect the vicinities against the first wave of shadows that arised from the earth being stripped of all sunlight. Since the first wave of shadows were very powerful, Adam ensured the Ancestral Gardiens were preeminent to a standard army. The AGs successfuly fought off the first wave of shadows but ultimately lost the life of one.

The Ancestral Gardiens are as followed

  • Relic
  • Danger
  • Ride
  • Brave
  • Bow (later known as CAT)

Although the AGs were created to protect the people, their creations ultimately led to the world being robbed off the last ounce of sunlight left. Many people have mixed feelings for these heroes. They were then banished from the vicinity housing Mother by Adam and the government.

Shadows were becoming more and more prevelant in the daily lives of humans. Adam, seeing this, decided to create more and less powerful gardiens in order to protect the cities. Some gardiens were created with the likelinesses of the Ancestral Gardiens. For example, Claymore comes from Relic's bloodline.

It is said that Yo was the direct spawn of Brave, the fallen AG, which ulimately led him betray his elite position and go on a rampage. Danger believes that Brave's soul lies within in Yo and is attempting to make itself known. Brave and Yo both both share the same dream of returning light to the world.

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