Vital statistics
Race Gardien
Generation Ancestral
Birthplace Gardien
Age 200+
Height 4 feet 2 inches
Status Active


Danger is a red, black, and white rabbit/squirrel creature with the traditional yellow cat eyes gardiens sport. He wears a pair of aviator goggles. He a thick crimson main and a very large, busy 'squirrel' tail. It appears that he has a 'bionic' look. He is a medium sized gardien.


Danger is very down to earth and mellow. He is very generous and loves teaching. His generousity ultimately led him to be accepted into vicinites and his banishment being lifted. He is very strict in order to ensure his students are understanding his material.


When the shadows became to inhabit the earth and reck havoc due to the lack of sunlight, Adam created Ancestral Gardiens to protect the world and utlimately protect the Mother unit. Danger was the second Ancestral Gardien created, therefore, making him the second most powerful.The Ancestral Gardiens were banished from the vicinities after the world was stripped of sunlight and the creation of more gardiens arised. Danger is the only Ancestral Gardien that decided to stay in the vicinities and help the people and new generations of gardiens master understand their abilities and how to handle their invidiual soulites. He is often seen teaching and training others. His fellow team mates do not understand why he decided to help the people who betrayed him.


Danger was created with the speed and cunning of the rabbit in mind. He is very swift and quick thinking. It is said that he was mostly "the brains" of the Ancestral Gardien generation. Like all Anchestral Gardiens and Stranger, he can harness light particles left in the earth's atmosphere in order to create powerful attacks.

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