Vital statistics
Race Gardien
Generation Ancestral
Birthplace Gardien
Age 200+
Height 8 feet 6 inches
Status Banished


Ride appears to be a very large horse standing on his hindlegs. He sports a full mane that start from his head down to his chest. His height is staggering, making him appear formidable. (Will write more. Design still in the works).


A creature of few words, Ride tends not to speak and often remains silent. He is very proud and noble, making him appear stern, emotionless, or unfriendly. In reality, Ride cares much about the ones he loves or 'friends'. He tends to always put others before himself, which has gotten him into some rather negative predicaments. However, Ride is often seen alone and doesn't have many people he considers friends.


Like the other Ancestral Guardians created, Ride's main purpose was to defend the world againt's the shadow's attempt to destroy it. After being banished from the vacinities, Ride proceeded to live a life of lonesomeness and confusion. With his initial purpose fullfilled, Ride wandered the world to find something to fill the void he was feeling. Due to some of the bittersweet resentment of the people of the earth, Ride is often seen wearing a cloak to hide himself from being ridiculed. Years go by without a purpose. -MORE


Ride is known to be a powerhouse of strength and stamina. Due to his muscular built, he is able to tread through many opponents in his way. His main ability, however, are his kicks. His kick style resembles much like Savate street-fighting. Although he may seem serious, he is very animate while in battle, moving in place in order to raise his stamina. Due to his high stamina level, Ride is known not to get tired in battles.

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