Name OriginsEdit

The real name of Stranger is unknown due to his alienation and disconnection from his bloodline. Due to deep rooted traditions in vicinities, if an invidiual wishes to disconnect with their bloodline for any reason, they lose the honor of baring their birth name. Stranger decided not to associate himself with a label and traveled vicinities unnamed for two years. The name 'Stranger' stuck after Journey greeted him with "Hello, stranger". Yo decided to call him this after hearing this from Journey as a joke but it soon became semi permanent.


Stranger has the appearance of somebody who doesn't want to impress anyone. He has messy hair, slight facial hair, and dark circles under his eyes due to the lack of sleep and paranoia.


Stranger is a foul mouthed street punk with an unpredictable temper. Depending on his current mood, his reactions to certain actions differ. He is usually an indifferent and almost apathetic individual. It is very easy to indicate his mood due to the expression on his face. This makes it easy for partners to avoid him if he isn't feeling too generous that day. Yo often says "He is like a woman" since his moodswings are similar to a woman's 'time of the month'. Stranger has a sense of recklessness yet knows when to back down when he feels as though he cannot solve a problem. He is very passionate about his beliefs and very loyal to those he cares about although he takes betrayal very personally.


Stranger was born into a wealthy bloodline. His father was in charge of record keeping for Adam. Due to his high rank, both his parents had a high sense of paranoia about theivery, abduction, hacking.etc since his father didn't necessarly keep honest and positive records. Due to this paranoia, they didn't allow their three children to go a public school or make many friends. They forced their children to go to a very elite school in order to know the trade of working for The Mother Unit. Stranger was born with a resistance to the influence and harm of shadows. His parents has often seen him talking to shadows or even his own shadow at a young age and assumed that he was going insane.

At the age of 8, the shadows in and outside his bedroom tricked him into giving them 40% of his light, telling him that they would help him make friends and become more powerful. Due to this robbery, Stranger naturally became more and more violent due to the lack of light in his body. Fearing for their son, Stranger's parents decided to confine him in their home with an abundance of lightsources to keep away the shadows.

After turning 14, Stranger's shadows convinced him that this was getting out of hand and escaped from his home after so much internal rage and clostrophobia from the outside world. He traveled far away from his home vicinity. Due to his betrayal to his bloodline and the culture of his town, he abandoned his original name and went nameless.

The same shadows that stole his light often follow him around and offer deals of power in exchange for more light. It is said that the shadows are from the original generations of shadows that made their presense known after The Mother Unit was created. Stranger's shadows, according to Cat, are the only shadows that travel in a group and follow a humanbeing.


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