Revamped Yowulf by Yowulf
Vital statistics
Race Gardien
Generation 4th
Birthplace Gardien
Age 50
Height seven feet one inch
Status Active

Name OriginsEdit

Yo's original name remains unknown to many. Claymore, Yo's bestfriend, and his mentor, Danger, are the only ones that know his real name. He had made it clear that he didn't want others to know of his original name due to the death of his creator. It is revealed that his name has significant meaning later in the story.


Yo appears to be a large bipedal lion beast with mint/sea green and with color fur, sporting the usual gardien eyes. He has a very thick and large mane on his chest, large, almost bat like ears, and long tail. His two most notable features is his 'snaggle teeth' that jut out from his lower jaw and large, powerful forearms. Yo has retractable claws used during combat.


Despite his origins of being the recreation of Brave, Yo is very immature, mouthy, and rude. It is said that the only traits that Brave, Yo, and a lion shares are bravery and pride. Yo never backs down from a fight and his ego can easily cost him his life. When not in combat, he is a very cat-like gardien who enjoys lounging around and doing nothing. He hates being woken up from his slomber. He is brutally honest and generally doesn't show any respect to women or the elderly. He has a soft spot for children and enjoys being a big brother. He prefers to perform tasks on is own and doesn't enjoy taking orders from others. The only person who was able to 'break' Yo was Danger. Like Stranger, he is very passionate for his beliefs and is willing to give his life in order to make a statement.


Yo was created due to the sudden death of Brave. His original creator, under Adam, was later killed for a lot of information on Yo's purpose was lost. Ride believes his creator reanimated Brave into Yo in attempts to gather up the original Ancestral Gardiens in order to bring light back into the world. Before returning Relic to his original state, she was mysteriously killed. The death of his creator started a seed of hate towards the vicinity government since the crime was not prosecuted and Yo and his creator were very close. It was his creator who gave him his original name and his nickname 'Yo'. He decided to use 'Yo' as his new new after the death of his creator.

When his creator was still present, she would often tell him tales of the land where light was still present. She had a dream of restoring the honor of the Ancestral Gardiens and returning the light to the world. She made it clear that she was very warey of Adam's influence on the vicinities and the Mother unit. Although Mother did provide artifical light in order to sustain life, create gardiens, and ultimate rule on orders, she was very much against it and believe humanity and rule should be left to the people. Yo adopted her dream as his own after her death and swore to make it a reality.

After the death of his ceator, Yo befriended Claymore. Together, the two decided to sign up for the Elite army and train under Danger. Yo wanted to enlist in order to find more clues on his creator's death. Upon his graduation, Yo realized that Adam killed his creator. Due to this rage, he went on a rampage, killing everything in sight in order to reach Adam and end his life. Surprised but fearing their friend's, Claymore and Danger didn't do anything even though they were given the order to execute him on the spot. Adam then critically injured Yo and sent him flying off a cliff, making it appear that he was dead. It was then that Stranger saw the injured Yo plummeting into a lake and decided to rescue him.

From then on, Yo made it his mission to kill Adam and destroy the Mother unit.


Holding a very powerful roar attack, Yo is able to stun and down enemies in a large radias. He possesses the element of lightning and thunder and often 'combos' both his roar and lightning attacks in order to destroy enemies. His large forearms makes him a formidable hand to hand melee attacker. Although it is said that an opponent possesses lightning would make them quick on their feet, Yo's agility is his weakest aset. Yo boasts a respectable stamina in battle.

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